Heather Clinger

Original Works

  • expandexpandWhat Can I Give to Christ?

    Joy to the World The lord is come.
    And in His name what have I done
    to show my love and thankfulness for all that I’ve received?
    I know I must thank Him for all he’s given me.
    But What can I give to the giver of Life?
    What can I sing for Him for whom the angels form their choirs?
    How can I serve a Master even the winds and waves obey?
    What can I give to Christ this Christmas day?

    Oh Little town of Bethlehem
    What honored guests thy gates let in.
    No Frankincense no gold or myrrh have I.
    How could my gift compare?
    From the widows mite to gifts from kings
    would my gift be honored there?


    But contrite heart and willing hands
    are all he asks of me.
    To raise my voice and share the gospel light
    for all the world to see.
    And armed with faith and with his love
    The gift I’ll give is me.

    I’ll give my heart to the giver of life.
    I’ll raise my voice and join the throng of heavenly choirs.
    And I will serve my brother as fervently I pray:
    Thank you Jesus. In the name of Jesus on His Christmas day.

    I’ll give Him my heart, my voice, and my hands on His
    Christmas Day.

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  • expandexpandAlleluia

    My daughter was giving a talk in primary about the symbols of Christ at Christmas time. It made me think of how you can really find Christ in everything if you are looking for him. With all the presents, food, shopping, parties, and craziness, it is easy to see the commercialization of Christmas. After her talk I decided that instead of commercialization I would just see Christ. And I would write a song about it.

  • expandexpandI Stand for Him

    Written for Tina and Lydia Mellor to share their beautiful voices with others.